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​Map of long-distance EuroVelo routes a and Greenways a with certified cycle friendly services Cyclists Welcome in Czechia

In the map of long-distance cycle routes of Czechia you can find the European EuroVelo routes, river and culture cycle routes as well as all certified cycling friendly services Cyclists Welcome by location including contact info.
The map is being published every year and it is being distributed throughout Czechia. You can find it e.g. in: 
  • in certified businesses Cyclists Welcome,
  • at the cycling events along the Moravian Wine routes or the Elbe cycle route,
  • at the cycle/tourism/sport fairs,
  • at the Nadace Partnerství eshop for shipping costs.
Up-to-date information on cycle routes and services for cyclists along them can be also found at www.czechiabybike.com.

The map was published by Partnerství, o.p.s. with the financial contribution of the state budget of the Czech Republic from Ministry for Regional development program.