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You can also find Cyclists welcome services in the mobile application for cyclists
Cyclists welcome services are displayed in the Cyclers mobile map application, which is developed for cyclists who want to cycle not only around the city. An excellent app that allows you to choose from three different types of routes that will be fastest, low traffic or balanced. App Cyclers advises cyclists where to go, for example to a certified tourist service, where to park their bike, allows them to report problems on the route and even compete with other cyclists.

Cyclists are welcome services are marked with the Cyclers logo directly on the map. For all displayed services with certification, after clicking on the logo Cyclists are welcome, in addition to the description of the service, and the option of navigating the shortest route from where you need to go.

The services are published on the map thanks to the automatic import of data from our Cyclists Welcome database and thus remain constantly up-to-date. We thank the Umotional company for their cooperation in improving the quality of services for cyclists.

Download the Cyclers app here https://cyclers.app/