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Water mill route

 167 km  4 days

In footsteeps of water mill traditions and architecture

©Vysočina Tourism

Through charming countryside of Bohemian-Moravian Highlands in footsteeps of water mill traditions and architecture

Trail detail

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 length 167 km
 elevation 1762 m
 decline 1454 m
 duration 4 days
 highest point 626 m
 lowest point 235 m
The Water mill route starts in Nové Město na Moravě (Vysočina aréna,chateau) and continues via Zvole (Strchův and Míčův mills) to Bobrová (Kubitův mill) across Radešov to Ostrov n. O. Further on to Vídeň and by water reservoir Mostiště to Velké Meziříčí (chateau) and through the Valley of Oslava River to Náměšť n. O. (chateau). From here the route crosses Dukovany (chateau) to Jevišovice (chateau, Hrázský mill) to Plavče (chateau, Šmidlův mill) and to Kravsko (chateau, Plenkovický mill). Near Lesná (wind mill) the route enters National park Podyjí and it ends past Čížov (remnants of the Iron curtain and visitor’s center of the National park). You can also visit Hardegg vista point or the border bridge in the smallest Austrian town Hardegg with a castle. The Water mill route  is 170 km long. Reserve 4 days while using the certified cycle friendly services „Cyclists welcome“.

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