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Greenway Krakov - Moravia – Vienna (Amber route)

 326 km  7 days

Along the Amber route from culture capitals across North, Central and South Moravia

On your way you will drive through the whole of Moravia from north to south and a varied display of natural and cultural attractions awaits you.

Trail detail

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 length 326 km
 elevation 1167 m
 decline 1177 m
 duration 7 days
 highest point 626 m
 lowest point 170 m
Greenway Krakow–Moravia–Vienna (Amber route) connects important cultural capitals of Central Europe Cracow, Brno and Vienna. In Moravia it is a journey through North, Central and South Moravia. Thanks to a diverse offer of culture, nature and history with a satisfactory mix of services it makes this Green way an ideal place for cycle tourism. The route is signposted as national cycle route 5 and is mostly parallel to EuroVelo 9 and 4. North Moravia has rich Industrial heritage which contrast with its picturesque natural Landscape protected area along river Odra. You will enter Central Moravia through Moravian gate to a Haná region rich in crops. South Moravia is synonymous for wine and culture monuments and you will reach it through Moravian carst where a visit to macocha gorge is a must. Vineyards, wine cellars and wine cellar lanes is the predominant landscape of South Moravia which is perfectly combined with its rich folklore culture. You will cycle 330 km in Moravia (altogether it is 780 km between Krakow and Vienna) and you will need 7 days using cycle friendly services  „Cyclists Welcome“.
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