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Greenway Jizera

 168 km  5 days

Along Jizera river to nature and history

Discover the charm of the Pojizerská landscape, its natural monuments, castles and chateaux, technical sights and folk architecture along the Jizera.

Trail detail

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 length 168 km
 elevation 975
 decline 1653
 duration 5 days
 highest point 910 m
 lowest point 170 m
River Jizera was discovered more than 10.000 years ago. The Kelts named it “Isora” – Rapid River— which was later alternated by Slavs to Jizera. It’s been always an axis which enabled life go through. There were business routes following the river and later on settlements were established in its valleys. Even seven hundred years ago the Jizera route connected Bohemia and Silesia. Later on the routes were replaced by roads and in 19th century the railway arrived. Power plants and weirs were built to produce electricity for factories. Jizera valleys were kept despite the development in its natural beauty.  Greenway Jizera is signposted as regional route 17 and a logo. You can follow the river through Jizera and Giant mountains, Bohemian Paradise to Elbe flatlands and Prague. The cycling route between Semily, Turnov, Mladá Boleslav and Mnichovo Hradiště will take you on quiet roads or paved cycle routes. You will be rewarded by beautiful countryside, castles and monuments as well as folk and sacral architecture. River Jizera joins the Elbe near Lázně Toušeň, cycle route 17 / EuroVelo 4 continues all the way to Prague-Černý Most. You will need  5 days along the Jizera Greenway while using certified cycle friendly businesses „Cyclists welcome“.
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