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Cycle route Ohře

 223 km  5 days

The cycle trail Ohře will make you feel good!

©Richard Nebeský

Throughout the Karlovy Vary region to Kadaň in the Ústí nad Labem region

Trail detail

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 length 223 km
 elevation 832 m
 decline 1135 m
 duration 5 days
 highest point 485 m
 lowest point 145 m
Cycle trail Ohře is signposted as national route 6 and partly as European EuroVelo route (Cheb-Karlovy Vary) and it is truly one of the most attractive Czech routes along the river Ohře (Eger]. The trail is promoted with a slogan „Cycle route Ohře will make you feel good!“. The trail starts at Czech-Bavarian border near Slapany in Carlsbad region where it meets Wallenstein route. Along the route you will visit castles such as Mostov, Sokolov or mediaval castle in Loket. In Nebanicíe you can pet horses, and also visit the artificial lake Medard near Sokolov (14 km long circula trail). In Královském Poříčí you can try out hands-on classes in the historic farm Bernard. Another gem is the rock formation Svatošské skaly near Carlsbad. The route in Ústí region goes through towns such as Kadaň, Žatec and Louny. River Ohře joins Elbe near Litoměřice but before make sure to visit the fortress Terezín. Your journey will take 5 days while using certified cycle friendly services  „Cyclists Welcome“.
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