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Cycle trail Bečva

 124 km  3 – 4 days

From Beskydy Mountains along the river Bečva through the Haná region flatlands

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From Beskydy Mountains at the Czech-Slovak borderland along the river Bečva through the Haná region flatlands

Trail detail

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 length 124 km
 elevation 72 m
 decline 512 m
 duration 3 – 4 days
 highest point 639 m
 lowest point 195 m
The Cycle trail Bečva offers almost 160 km of cycling along the Bečva River passing castles (Helfštýn), palaces (Hranice, Tovačov), natural beauties (Zbrašov aragonite caves) and folk traditions Wallachia, Moravian gate and Haná region. From the source in Beskydy Mountains you can cycle the first cycle highway” C1. Two arms of the river - Rožnov and Vsetín Bečva- mark the route all the way to their confluence near Valašské Meziříčí. The cycling trail through the Rožnov Bečva starts in Horní Bečva and continues via Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Zubří to Valašské Meziříčí where it joins Vsetín Bečva and goes to  Hranice, Lipník nad Bečvou and Tovačov na Moravě. If you start cycle through Vsetín Bečva from Velké Karlovice at Czech-Slovak borderland you will be able to cycle and enjoy 40 km of the beautiful countryside of the Hornovsacko region as well as wooden houses and center of Wallachia, town Vsetín. Because both trails almost entirely separated from other traffic it is suitable for most cyclers. Make sure to reserve 3 – 4 days along Bečva river trail  while using the cycle friendly services „Cyclists welcome“.
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